5 Proven Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website for Free

Every blogger dreams to get good amount of traffic from the day one start a website but it doesn’t happen in most of the cases. Most of the first time blogger (including me) fails to drive traffic to their blog/website as they don’t utilize all the good options available. There may be several reasons why they fail to attract people to come and read their blog. Few of them may be:-

Ways to drive more traffic to your blog

  • Not being aware of the platforms that may drive good amount of relevant traffic.
  • They underestimate the power of the platform and end up losing that valuable crowd who would have loved to read the piece of content they have created.
  • Not using the correct way to communicate as every platform has certain different way of saying & doing things which I would explain later in the post.

I feel that most of us have been through this phase where we keep looking for ways to drive more traffic so that we can utilize it. I have personally come across many people who failed to drive traffic to their blog despite of having good content. The reason they failed was one, two or all of the three points mentioned above.

I have also gone through this pain where I was really frustrated when I didn’t had enough visitors to my blogs/website even after I put a lot of efforts writing the content which was good enough. But gradually I learnt it when I kept trying things and analyzed my work. I am listing down some of those ways that you can try and generate more traffic to your website.



Quora is a Question/Answer platform where you can ask a question and people who have a expertise into that particular domain would answer. Believe me it’s gold. If you utilized this platform then you would be driving huge and relevant traffic to your blog/website. Many of the people from different industries have already realized the potential of this platform and are enjoying the benefits.

Various experts are helping people by answering to the questions and in return people do check the website/blog they are associated with. This platform provides you golden opportunity to establish yourself as an expert by answering their queries.

Many of the industry experts, various CEO’s and people who love writing are utilizing this platform. I am mentioning some of them who are very active and keep answering to the questions that matches their domain of expertise.

Gaurav is Founder of Flatchat and also an educator at Unacademy. He answers questions about Entrepreneurship & Startups mainly. Sanchit Malik is another Quoran who is quiet active. He answers about Ticketing platforms (as he is Co-Founder at Townscript-An Event Ticketing Platform) & Startups etc. Another person you can check is Ravi Handa who answers about CAT & other education related queries. He runs an online coaching for CAT preparation.

Founder of Moz Rand Fishkin is well known to everyone associated with Blogging. He is able to connect to a wider and relevant audience here. Another person is Ankit Shrivastav who developed a Music Player App and got more than 2 million downloads within a year. He mainly writes about Mobile Android Application Development & passive income. This way he also market his app and get extra downloads.

Now as you have seen how people are driving traffic using Quora you can also start utilizing it.



Reddit is another platform which can do wonders if used in right manner. You can share your content here and if people find it interesting they would be coming on your blog to read it. Unlike other platform it’s not about your friends & followers. This platform has it’s own taste which you would have to understand or else you would fail to drive any traffic.

On this platform there are subreddits (categories) which is really important. Sharing your content in the correct/incorrect subreddit makes the difference. You need to find the correct sub-reddit to share your piece of content.

Like I have made a point in the beginning of my post that if you won’t use the correct way to communicate you would fail. Correct way is about understanding the taste of platform and for being successful on Reddit you need to share content which is unique, funny, interesting, cute and courageous.

You may fail initially but don’t give up as it may take few shorts to get rocking.



Linkedin is World’s Largest Platform of Professionals and also a great place to showcase your content. You can use this platform to get good amount of traffic by sharing you content in the Linkedin groups which are relevant.

In order to utilize it to the fullest you must have a complete Linkedin Profile. So that people who find your content interesting may check more details about you. They may go and read other content pieces that you have written.

Then you may go ahead and Join Groups which are relevant to your industry. Don’t start spamming the group with your content links as this may be harmful. Initially start reading and making insightful comment on content/posts shared by other members in the group. This would help you make a good rapport and you would have a good connection with members there. Then you can start sharing your own content and members would surely be happy to read and share it.

Participation is the key on Linkedin. You need to be active and insightful so that group members start loving to hear from you.



SlideShare is one of the widely used platforms to share content in form of slides. There is a great opportunity here which you might be missing. You can share the same content that you have created in form of slides and can share it. Also you can link your blog post from slides which would drive visitors to your article.

It’s really useful and even helps into rankings as SlideShare has got a good authority. If your Presentation gets good amount of traffic and social shares then there are good chances that it would rank and ultimately help you with more traffic.



Medium is a platform where you can pen down a whole new blog or can share an excerpt of your content. Even if you write a blog on medium and link to your blog post, then it would help. Many of the content creators are using this to drive traffic.

Medium has got a great and very targeted audience so if you hit it right you would get benefited. Even if you don’t get tons of traffic at least you would have decent amount of targeted users who would come to know about you and your blog. So go ahead and join Medium.

I have used these platforms and got good amount of traffic. Please do let me know the platforms you guys are using so that we can utilize it. I would love to hear from you about other treasures we may not be utilizing.

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