7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important For Your Business

India has 2nd largest internet users with an internet penetration of 36.5% which has grown by 9,142.5% from 2000-2016 as per a recent report. With these mind boggling figures it become important for every business to leverage the power of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing allows you to reach those audiences which you have been missing on. In this digital era, people first look for information about the product or service they are about to purchase. If you will educate users about your product/service using Digital Marketing tools there are higher chances that they will be buying from you as well as they will have an everlasting trust on you (because you have put down the pros and cons of the product to them) which doesn’t come easy these days.

Digital Marketing is a powerful tool and if used well it can do wonders for any business whether it’s a startup or big MNC. You cannot let it go. Internet has become a powerful tool for getting information and since the number of smartphone users have increased the percentage of information consumption has rapidly increased.

People have generated a habit of researching on things before they go and make a purchase which is quite a good way. But this has increased the competition between providers / sellers and the one who would leverage Digital Marketing well would have higher chances of winning the battle.

1.Digital Marketing Connects You with Users Looking For Information Online :-

According to a recent report 80% of people use internet to read and gather information before they make a decision. With the power of digital marketing & various available channels businesses can reach targeted audience.

You may have a question in your mind that how can providing information will help. Providing information on product / services you are selling doesn’t assure you of a conversion right away. However when you provide the piece of information to the user you can apply various digital marketing techniques to convert these information seekers to one of your customers. These techniques may be to capture email id of these users, use of remarketing, use of social media marketing etc.


2. Higher Conversion Rates :-

With Digital Marketing businesses can see a conversion rate as high as 24% & this is what you wish for. Higher conversions lead to more revenues and hence a successful business. Unlike traditional marketing channels, you can keep a track of all the activities and the returns you are getting for the efforts being put.

3. Economical Than Traditional Marketing :-

Digital Marketing is also very economical if compared to other marketing channels. Budget is always a big concern whether it’s a startup or a big corporate. But with Digital Marketing there is hardly any budget constraint.


4. Digital Marketing Enables Real-Time Customer Service :-

Digital Marketing has opened various channels to serve the customers. Right from on boarding to helping them use the product/service, one can do everything with digital marketing. Businesses can answer user queries on social media platforms.

5. Helps Connecting Your Business with the Mobile Consumer :-

70% of mobile searches result in an online action within an hour of the search being conducted. This makes connecting to mobile internet users even more important. Targeting mobile users results in higher conversions and hence revenue. Also it has been found that 91% adults in the USA have their mobile devices close to them & within reach at all time.

6. Higher ROI :-

Return On Investment (ROI) is always an important metric to measure the success of any campaign. It has been observed that Digital Marketing helps businesses get better returns compared to other marketing channels. It delivers higher ROI from your campaigns – 27% Social Media, 27% Email Marketing, 25% SEO, 24% Blogs, 16% PPC, 15% Direct Mail, 12% Traditional Advertising


7. Helps Compete with Competition & Big Players :-

Digital Marketing also helps businesses stand out and in setting a brand value. Not only competitors but with the proper use of this marketing channel businesses can give tough competition to large Corporations.

There are numerous advantages that a business can have with the proper use of Digital Marketing services likes SEO, SEM, SMO etc. Share how you are utilizing the power of Digital Marketing for your business.

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